How does it work?

  1. we SCAN your business for improvements
  2. we compose an ADVICE report
    (no worries we keep things simple & short!)
  3. we SELECT or BUILD software to leverage your time and business 

How will it change your business?

You will be able to spend time to your core business

You might be expanding/scaling your business dynamically out of the box

You might be home earlier for dinner with the family

What are the costs?

Spend a bit, save a lot. We keep cost in mind. In the advice report we will make cost estimations as well.

We have an Agile mindset, focusing on the things that will have the most value first. 

If we believe a custom solution will suite more businesses we will share the investment cost. 

What do others think?

Medical doctors: improving the world of Medical Doctors with our custom made solution to a extensive mandatory questionnaire (online FML Tool). Monthly saving hours and hours of work 

Start-ups: Back-office automation of start-up companies (invoicing, accountancy, automatic notification on failures etc) via custom made software solutions

Chiropractic offices: “Minebytes has been a fabulous source of expertise for our business. Their professional services are consistent, flawless and quickly completed on time, with significant savings in monthly and yearly fixed IT costs. We are particularly grateful for their thinking along with us as we grow, continuing to offer concrete and relevant suggestions to help us organize and become more efficient and profitable. Initially, a plan was discussed to upgrade our internet presence through a new and revised website, and as well as Search Engine Optimization. This has really helped us, especially with the challenges of Corona times. Unexpectedly, additional support was offered to help us use other software applications essential to running our business. We continue to appreciate Minebytes and give them the highest possible recommendation.”

Local car garages: optimizing accountancy (invoicing process from customer to accountant), internet presence, all-round IT support.

Start leveraging your valuable time