Free up time and make room for growth by automating your business. 

Your goals

You have extensive knowledge about your business and want to spend your time running it.

Instead, you find that you are wasting hours in front of spreadsheets and repeating business activities that you know can be automated.

You just do not have the time or knowledge to do it yourself.

Our solution

You are in a position familiar to us. Minebytes has the knowledge and experience to automate those time-consuming processes.

This is called business process automation. We have done this for clients of different sizes like banking and e-commerce clients. 

Our approach

  1. We perform an intake to determine your business goals, high-level infrastructure and software requirements and desired timeline.
  2. We create a plan, where we stipulate our approach, the technologies we will use and the size of the team. 
  3. On your approval, we will assemble the agile team.
  4. The agile team will develop and deliver on a 1-4 week sprint cycle.

Success and the Future

After we successfully automated your internal business process you will have time to think about the following:

  1. Grow your business without running into scaling issues
  2. Monitor your business in real time with business intelligence
  3. Make short term predictions with business analytics
  4. Use artificial intelligence to assist in human-like decisions

Don’t spend your working day with repeating processes that should have been automated. 

Automation is the foundation that growth can be built upon.


The online FML Tool (CBBS 2020) created for medical doctors to speed-up analyzing and creating reports for FML 4 and FML 5.