Making business better. We have been helping businesses with their products, software and growing teams for decades with our unique combination of skills (fast understanding of business, engineering background, coaching and communication skills)

How do we do it?

With our roots in consultancy (engineering of web software, data software and growing teams via agile/scrum coaching) we have a lot of experience with divers businesses, software products and people.

We oversee the big picture, truly relieve you from technical burdens, advice and/or co-build to your business needs.

According to customer reviews we are seen as total solution builders who basically fill in the gaps with our knowledge, communication and experience. 

Filling the gaps by overseeing, relieving & solving

What others think of us

As mentioned companies think of us as total solution builders. The ones who fill in the gaps by overseeing the total picture with business knowledge, clear communication and engineering in the broadest way

A selection the feedback / work for companies we work with:

Chiropractor office: a sole proprietorship spending more than thousand euro’s on the website hosting and maintenance. 
Solution: we advised to a go to a cheaper platform and redesign the website. As per advice we also took care of the migration within two days. Resulting in an annual cost of 90 euros. 

Complex migrating from a patient care system to another one. 
Solution: after some escalation and misunderstanding between the parties we offered to be the man in the middle as we understand the needs of the chiropractor office and speak the language of IT 

Medical doctors: spending hours per week on filling in mandatory load ability questionnaires for patients. 
Solution: we turned an offline questionnaire into an online questionnaire. The online questionnaire helps with easy navigating, avoiding copy pasting errors and reducing the effort with 45 minutes per report. 

MediaTech: building, maintaining, deploying media websites from back to front-end to growing teams into high productive agile/scrum teams

Local car garage: I don’t have the time and understanding to manage IT around my garage. Just fix it and bill me accordingly.