Email automation

  • scanning email orders and forwarding accordingly
  • storing attachment and sending to accountancy
    Gains: reducing manual work, saving time

Receipt registration automation

  • scanning receipt / invoices and uploading to accountancy
    Gains: improving continuous stream to accountant, accurate and up to date accountancy

Invoicing automation

  • as part of registration to software services automated the periodic invoicing
    Gains: reducing manual work, saving time

Document automation

  • data based automatic invoicing (pdf format) from headquarter to several branches
  • generating word reports based on a filled questionnaire
    Gains: automated distribution, reducing errors, saving time

Automated online registration forms

  • online registration for several running contests (individual, groups)
  • automated email with team data and calculated total registration fees
  • Gains: automated online registration, e-mail notification, backend CMS and payment registration system. Safed hours and hours of initially manual work

Online dance class application

  • created a online application for virtual dance classes for several groups on several locations
  • automatic billing by e-mail
    Gains: one of the first dance classes online, helping students practice classes, saving cost

Software deploying automation

  • automatic roll-out of software web applications to production
    Gains: faster time to market, reducing errors, saving cost